Monitor Mainframe Performance

    Modernize your approach to mainframe performance management by moving away from static reports towards interactive, context-driven analytics.

    Identify cost savings and upcoming availability risks, and train the next generation of z/OS performance analysts.



    End-to-End z/OS Infrastructure Performance and Capacity AIOps

    Protect availability and improve IT operations in your end-to-end z/OS infrastructure with domain specific artificial intelligence and advanced statistical analysis.

    IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS provides great visibility and proactive intelligence for your z/OS infrastructure to help prevent outages, resolve availability and performance issues, optimize your infrastructure, and elevate the effectiveness of your staff.

    IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS unlocks the full potential of SMF and RMF infrastructure measurement data to enhance availability and performance across the z/OS infrastructure, including Systems, CICS, Db2, MQ, Network, WebSphere, Disk & Replication, and Virtual Tape.

    Advanced z/OS Anomaly Detection and Statistical Analysis

    Statistically significant changes in key metrics are highlighted in Change Detection views. Variations that exceed + or – 2 standard deviations between the current day and the prior 30 days are highlighted.

    This can enable you to get an early jump on changes that may have a sustained impact, such as this example of increased CPU consumed by highest dispatching priority System work.


    WLM Importance Rating Change Detection


    Intuitive Visibility into SMF Data


    Intuitive Visibility into SMF Data

    In contrast to approaches today that require coding programs or mastering tooling siloed by technology to access various types of SMF data, a common, intuitive user interface eliminates effort spent mining data and instead frees up staff to focus entirely on high-value analysis.

    This single interface used across the entire z/OS platform greatly expedites learning, promotes collaboration, and enhances analytical effectiveness.


    Context Sensitive Drill Downs

    Context sensitive drill downs enable an analyst to identify alternative analytical paths based on the data currently being displayed and quickly investigate each hypothesis with just a few clicks, greatly reducing lost time when exploring what ends up being a “dead-end” path.

    When dealing with massive SMF data volumes, this capability to focus analysis on the desired subset of data becomes especially valuable.


    Context Sensitive Drill Downs -


    Demo Our Advanced z/OS Anomaly Detection

    See for yourself why leading companies are saying “I don’t know how to live without IntelliMagic Vision.” Whether you’re evaluating competitive solutions or trying to solve a problem, we’re happy to help you move forward with your IT initiatives.

    Dynamic zOS Report Customization


    Dynamic Report Customization

    Advanced report customization capabilities facilitate quick ad hoc analysis without requiring programming or complicated steps and enable data to be viewed in the manner best suited to the current inquiry.

    In this example, transaction rate is added to a response time chart to evaluate possible correlation. Numerous intuitive customization options including report type, summarization level, filtering, and interval comparisons.


    Health Insights with Explainable Artificial Intelligence

    Prevent potential risks to availability and performance with built-in artificial intelligence automatically assessing more than 700 key z/OS metrics and using thresholds derived from built-in expert domain knowledge.

    The easily consumable view to the right assesses the overall health of all CICS regions, leveraging user defined CICSGROUPs to enable exceptions from among hundreds of regions to be quickly identified and proactively addressed.


    zOS Health Insights with Explainable AI


    Customized Mainframe Shared Dashboards


    Customized Shared Dashboards

    Customizable dashboards collect and display at a glance live views of any collection of metrics of interest to you. When shared, they promote collaboration and provide a common truth for an entire organization.

    Users can expand any report and leverage drill down capabilities to pursue further analysis of metrics they find of interest.


    AIOps via SaaS Delivery

    Advantages to adopting a cloud model include rapid implementation (no lead time to install and setup the product locally), minimal setup (only for transmitting SMF data), offloading staff resources required to deal with SMF processing issues or to install product maintenance, and easy access to IntelliMagic consulting services to supplement local skills.


    SaaS Cloud SAN Monitor


    Solutions for Your Problems

    Prevent Performance Problems

    Predict and Prevent many IT issues without incurring typical false positive and false negative issues.


    Automatically quantify risks in the z/OS infrastructure for peak workloads or configuration issues prior to production impact being felt by application end-users. Go beyond KPI to KRI (Key Risk Indicators) root cause monitoring.
    Continuous Health Check of application and infrastructure stress; assesses millions of metrics using context-specific expert knowledge and statistical techniques.

    Resolve Issues Quickly

    Accelerate Mean Time To Resolution for unpredictable problems with AI-augmented diagnosis.


    Rapidly identify where problems are occurring with infrastructure wide exception (anomaly) tables, intelligent navigation through the data from big picture to extremely granular levels, automated compare of time periods, and more.
    See and understand what applications are affected, what part of the infrastructure, what time frames, and get clues as to probable cause.

    Optimize & Reduce Costs Safely

    Save money without compromising service levels or availability.


    Reduce cost with superior visibility into drivers of cost such as inefficient CPU utilization, configuration and priority issues, imbalance of workloads across hardware resources, consolidation opportunities, etc.
    Reduce hardware spend without negative impact on service levels.
    Avoid the costs of service delivery problems without both human cost and application unavailability cost.

    Elevate IT Team Impact

    Empower new staff and experts. Replace antiquated reporting with automated, intelligent analytics.


    Artificial Intelligence using built-in expert knowledge and statistics assesses and rates key metrics as good versus bad from a performance or efficiency perspective for the analyst.
    Force multiplier - Invite AI to the team to help both new and expert team members in a tight job market.
    Cloud Delivery - Immediate access with no maintenance needed.

    Areas Supported by IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS

    Systems, Processors & MLC

    Systems, Processors & MLC

    Continual visibility into how the z/OS systems infrastructure is handling your workloads helps you improve performance and protect availability.
    Learn More
    Db2, CICS, WebSphere, TCP/IP & MQ

    Db2, CICS, WebSphere, TCP/IP & MQ

    Unprecedented visibility into the extensive metrics provided by critical z/OS subsystems to enhance availability and analyze performance.
    Learn More
    Disk, Tape & Virtual Tape

    Disk, Tape & Virtual Tape

    Industry-leading visibility and expertise to analyze and proactively identify potential I/O issues in your disk and virtual tape and replication architectures.
    Learn More

    Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

    In the Cloud

    The Cloud based deployment can be accessed from everywhere in the world and is easy to share with colleagues,

    Services & Support

    Take advantage of IntelliMagic's experienced performance experts for standalone custom services or daily monitoring

    On Premise

    Install the software on premise and use it offline for total control of your installation

    Customer Experiences

    Walter Auerochs
    Senior Consultant z/OS & Storage at DATEV eG
    IntelliMagic Vision: Intelligent Storage Performance and Capacity Management at DATEV eG
    “IntelliMagic Vision has become the pivot point of capacity planning and performance management for DATEV.”
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    Marc Van Hoof
    System Expert for SAN and Mainframe Storage at KBC
    KBC Ensures Data Storage Availability with IntelliMagic Vision
    “They have thought of everything. You can see that IntelliMagic Vision incorporates many years of experience from specialists.”
    Read our case
    Andreas Reimann
    Manager Mainframe Storage Dept. at Finanz Informatik
    The Core of Storage Performance Management Processes at Finanz Informatik
    IntelliMagic Vision is the core element of our mainframe storage performance management process."
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