Understanding SMF 100 Statistics Records

Db2 produces three types of SMF records with the type 100 records containing statistics data.

When thinking of Db2 statistics records, many people first think of buffer pool tuning, and while tuning buffer pools provides a wealth of opportunity, this article covers the other aspects of Db2 tuning that can be gleaned from statistics data.

An entire career could be spent getting familiar with and learning how to use all the thousands of fields in the Db2 statistics records to manage your Db2 subsystems. In this Cheryl Watson Tuning Letter Reprint we focus on some key areas:

  • CPU Times
  • Work File Usage
  • RID Pool Usage
  • Data Sharing Locking
  • Dynamic Statement Cache
  • DBAT Activity


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This document is reprinted with permission from Watson and Walker. It originally appeared in Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Letter 2021 No. 4.

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