Solutions for Your Problems

    Close Your Mainframe Skills Gap

    Empower new staff and experts. Replace antiquated reporting with automated, intelligent analytics.


    Artificial Intelligence using built-in expert knowledge and statistics assesses and rates key metrics as good versus bad from a performance or efficiency perspective for the analyst.
    Force multiplier - Invite AI to the team to help both new and expert team members in a tight job market.
    Cloud Delivery - Immediate access with no maintenance needed.
    Close the Skills Gap

    Reduce Mainframe Costs

    Save money without compromising service levels or availability.


    Reduce cost with superior visibility into drivers of cost such as inefficient CPU utilization, configuration and priority issues, imbalance of workloads across hardware resources, consolidation opportunities, etc.
    Reduce hardware spend without negative impact on service levels.
    Avoid the costs of service delivery problems without both human cost and application unavailability cost.
    Safely Reduce Costs

    Prevent Service Disruptions

    Predict and Prevent many IT issues without incurring typical false positive and false negative issues.


    Automatically quantify risks in the z/OS infrastructure for peak workloads or configuration issues prior to production impact being felt by application end-users. Go beyond KPI to KRI (Key Risk Indicators) root cause monitoring.
    Continuous Health Assessment of application and infrastructure stress; assesses millions of metrics using context-specific expert knowledge and statistical techniques.
    Prevent – Avoid Imminent Service Disruptions

    Resolve Issues Quickly

    Accelerate Mean Time To Resolution for unpredictable problems with AI-augmented diagnosis.


    Rapidly identify where problems are occurring with infrastructure wide exception (anomaly) tables, intelligent navigation through the data from big picture to extremely granular levels, automated compare of time periods, and more.
    See and understand what applications are affected, what part of the infrastructure, what time frames, and get clues as to probable cause.
    Resolve – Accelerate Root Cause Discovery

    IntelliMagic's Unique Approach

    Availability Intelligence

    Availability Intelligence is about interpreting infrastructure measurement data using context-specific embedded expert knowledge.
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    Embedded Expert Knowledge

    IntelliMagic software has a built-in fundamental understanding of how workloads, logical concepts and physical hardware interact.
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    Intelligent IT Operation Analytics

    IntelliMagic’s intelligent ITOA software unlocks the full potential of the measurement data in your datacenters.
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    Artificial Intelligence

    IntelliMagic automatically applies embedded expert knowledge to analyze IT operational measurement data.
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    IntelliMagic and Splunk

    IntelliMagic has the intelligence and interpretation required to optimize your Splunk investment while maintaining deep analysis capabilities.
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    Software as a Service

    Using IntelliMagic Vision in the Cloud under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model is the most convenient and effective way to obtain the benefi­ts of IntelliMagic Vision.
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