Your Challenges

Prevent Service Disruptions

See previously undetectable IT infrastructure issues and bottlenecks before service is disrupted.

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Accelerate Root Cause Discovery

Quickly identify the true source of problems to decrease mean time to resolution.

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Safely Reduce Costs

Save money without compromising service levels and availability.

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Amplify IT Team Impact

Maximize staff effectiveness by providing deep, accurate intelligence about the infrastructure.

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Capacity Planning

The art and science of predicting the future requirements for your infrastructure.

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Performance Management

Designed to ensure that applications receive the required service levels from the infrastructure.

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Our Approach

Availability Intelligence

Availability Intelligence is about interpreting infrastructure measurement data using context-specific embedded expert knowledge.

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Embedded Expert Knowledge

IntelliMagic software has a built-in fundamental understanding of how workloads, logical concepts and physical hardware interact.

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Intelligent IT Operation Analytics

IntelliMagic’s intelligent ITOA software unlocks the full potential of the measurement data in your datacenters.

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Artificial Intelligence

IntelliMagic automatically applies embedded expert knowledge to analyze IT operational measurement data.

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IntelliMagic and Splunk

IntelliMagic has the intelligence and interpretation required to optimize your Splunk investment while maintaining deep analysis capabilities.

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Learn how IntelliMagic can help you

We have enterprises with very large datacenters as our customers. They reduced their number of incidents immensely and decreased operational costs. We can offer the same to you. Contact us for a customized demonstration using your infrastructure measurement data such that you can see for yourself what value we can deliver with our Availability Intelligence.