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No matter how well tuned or configured a site is, almost every z/OS site has the potential for additional cost savings. Our mainframe experts specialize in identifying these cost savings and optimization opportunities so you can focus on your core responsibilities.



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IntelliMagic’s mainframe experts have identified millions of dollars in savings for sites – even for those who had previously undertaken extensive tuning efforts. Our third-party analysis provides unbiased recommendations focused on maximizing your optimization and cost saving potential.

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Maximize cost savings potential without wasting precious in-house resources

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Explore IntelliMagic's Extensive Cost Reduction and z/OS Optimization Services

CPU and MLC Assessment & Optimization

An independent analysis and recommendation of CPU optimization opportunities and optimal pricing options.

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z16 and z Hardware Upgrade Evaluations

Analysis and recommendations into how a z16 upgrade may impact overall cost, utilization, efficiency, and application performance.

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Storage Acquisition and Competitive Options Study

Third-party evaluation of your existing storage hardware configuration and hardware proposals from vendors to reduce purchase risks.

Cross-System Coupling Facility (XCF) Optimization

Tune and optimize your XCF configuration to optimize performance, reduce MIPS, and save money.

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Db2 Tuning and Optimization

Proactive identification of upcoming risks to your Db2 performance and recommendations on optimal tuning and configuration.

Workload Management Optimization

Tune and optimize your WLM policies to reflect modern infrastructure and ensure optimal resiliency.

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Hear from our customers

"IntelliMagic has helped us reduce z/OS infrastructure costs based on identifying high CPU usage batch jobs during peak 4HRA window."
Daniel Cannon | The Hartford
"We wouldn’t go anywhere without IntelliMagic Vision! IntelliMagic Vision is powerful, easy to use, and is now a vital part of our toolkit when creating presentations, classes, Tuning Letters, or customer reports."
Cheryl Watson | CEO, Watson and Walker
"IntelliMagic is BY FAR the best, most reliable vendor I’ve encountered in my 11+ years in public sector work. Everyone I've interacted with at IntelliMagic has gone above and beyond to assist us with everything related to the product, and I cannot vouch for the product and team more."
Timothy Cullen | Systems Administrator at Federal Agency
"During a tens of millions mainframe storage technology refresh, IntelliMagic helped us with tuning our processors, resulting in very significant savings. As our staff meets changes because of retirements, IntelliMagic Vision provides a consistent baseline of performance and configuration data we can rely on."
| Global Insurance Company
"I tell anyone who will listen that you guys are hands down the BEST vendor I’ve ever worked with in my 37 year career! That’s been true since the mid-2000s when we started working with IntelliMagic."
| Senior Mainframe Engineer at Global Bank
"I was impressed with the knowledge of the core team there at IntelliMagic that really understands probably as much as maybe Barry Merrill and his crew understood, all the details of that information, about what’s going on in a mainframe and how that’s displayed or stored in the SMF data."
| Director of Technical Services at Global Financial Services Company

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