Tune WLM Policies to Improve Performance and Resiliency

Improperly tuned or outdated Workload Management (WLM) service class policies risk putting business goals in danger of being missed. These policies may work fine until systems are under stress (peak processing or capacity shortages).

In this Tailored Services Engagement, IntelliMagic consultants will work with your site to tune and optimize your WLM policies to reflect modern infrastructure and ensure optimal resiliency.



Customized Consultation for Workload Manager Optimization

After engaging with IntelliMagic’s customized WLM Optimization service, z/OS sites have experienced a large reduction in performance issues and missed WLM service goals.

During the service engagement, our z/OS consultants will:

  • Meet with the stakeholders to discuss the requirements of the Workload Management optimization study.
  • Collect the required measurement data to build the IntelliMagic Vision database.
  • Examine the current Definition and Policies for resilience and continuity under busy conditions.
  • Examine existing goals and relative achievement.
  • Examine existing classification rules
  • Provide recommendations for service class periods.
  • Provide recommendations to modernize WLM goals and to avoid upgrades.
  • Present a formal report describing the findings of the Workload Management optimization study.

You do not need to be a current customer or have an IntelliMagic Vision license for this consulting engagement. The use of IntelliMagic Vision by the consultant is provided free of charge during the engagement.

Optimize WLM Service Classes

Investigating and tuning higher importance service classes that are not meeting their goals will ensure that their performance issues do not impact your business.

During this Tailored Services Engagement, the IntelliMagic consultant will investigate the following questions:
• Are the WLM goals set too high or low?
• Are positive SYSPLEX goals hiding negative system goals?
• Are appropriate goal types in use?
• Is the work assigned to each service class appropriate?
• Should workloads be split or merged?

If needed, the root cause of missed goals will be investigated.

Detect Behavioral Changes in Workloads

Unexpected workload changes can result serious issues, such as:
• a workload starts overachieving its goal (becoming a donor candidate for resources)
• a workload uses more (or less) CPU or I/O than usual – irrespective of the goal
• transaction volume increases – or decreases – outside of its normal behavior

During this Tailored Services Engagement, the IntelliMagic consultant will use IntelliMagic Vision’s Change Detection algorithms to detect behavioral changes in workloads to identify any issues and rectify them.

Reduce CPU Consumption Without Impacting Performance

During the consulting engagement, the IntelliMagic consultant will investigate the CPU saving potential of numerous areas and provide recommendations for each.

CPU reduction opportunities include:
• Reduce job abends since every rerun contributes something to the software costs in an EC solution.
• Proactively identify CPU surges by application. The IntelliMagic consultant will search for significant changes in the CPU consumption by address spaces and applications.
• The IntelliMagic consultant will use the compare option in IntelliMagic Vision to identify significant changes in MSU consumption of workloads. The drilldown option is used to find the root cause of such changes.

Request a Free Consultation

Request a free consultation with an IntelliMagic expert to answer your questions regarding this services engagement and gain an understanding of expected outcomes, timelines, process, and pricing. The engagement will be tailor fit to meet your specific environment and needs.

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