Prevent Availability Risks and Optimize IBM TS7700 Performance

    IntelliMagic Vision enables performance analysts to manage and optimize their z/OS IBM TS7700 environments more effectively and efficiently.

    Prevent risks, save time, and optimally configure your environment.



    Proactively Prevent IBM TS7700 Performance and Availability Risks

    IBM TS7700 is an enterprise storage system designed to deliver continuous operations, data security, scalability, and integration with z Systems with hybrid storage configurations. TS7700 combines the performance of disk based operations with the capacity and scalability of physical tape to deliver high availability for z Systems storage.

    IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Virtual Tape proactively identifies risks in your TS7700 tape environment and highlights potential issues even before they have fully developed. With its intelligent analysis and threshold-based exception reporting you can:

    • Avoid tape performance outages
    • Make wise tape hardware investments
    • Optimize tape usage

    IntelliMagic Vision can be used in z/OS tape environments with all different TS7700 libraries models, including TS7740, TS7720, TS7760 and TS7770. This is true for  disk-only virtual tape solutions and for TS7700 with traditional physical tape libraries attached.

    Detect Potential Issues

    TS7700 hardware generated data is loaded and analyzed into 8 main categories for assessment of the health of the environment. TS7700 Grids are evaluated for their use of Cache, Virtual Drives, Throughput, Utilization (CPU and Disk), Replication, and in the case of TS7700 cluster with a physical library attached, the  Backend, Migration and Recall.

    IntelliMagic Vision’s fully interactive dashboards immediately drill down from the cluster statistics within a selected grid and then further refine the presented data as multi-charts for various metrics from the selected dashboard, grid, or cluster.


    Average Deferred Queue Age


    Virtual Tape performance Host view of tape usage


    Insights to Prevent Bottlenecks

    Virtual tape library solutions provide measurement statistics of their internal hardware component usage. IntelliMagic Vision uses these additional metrics to give unique insight in the internal workings of the virtual tape system, showing cache effectiveness, replication status and replication health, and physical tape use. Insight in the virtual tape system internals allows you to prevent throughput bottlenecks.


    Ensure Well-founded Upgrade Decisions

    IntelliMagic Vision ensures that upgrade decisions for your virtual tape libraries are well-founded. You can determine if you need to add cache modules throughput increments or channels, whether you need more physical tape drives or premigration queue feature codes.


    Migration Backlog - Data that needs to be migrated


    Supported Tape Systems

    IntelliMagic Vision supports native and virtual z/OS attached tape from many different vendors:

    • IBM TS7770, IBM TS7760, IBM TS7740, IBM TS7720
    • EMC DLm
    • Oracle StorageTek VSM
    • IBM VTF Mainframe
    • Oracle StorageTek physical tape solutions

    All major tape management software catalogs are supported: CA1, RMM, TLMS, Control-T, and Zara.

    The virtual tape library statistics are supported for all models of  IBM TS7700 family using BVIR activity records and for Oracle StorageTek virtual tape. For EMC DLm and IBM VTF Mainframe support for the native SMF data is available.

    Secure and Flexible Deployment and Monitoring

    In the Cloud

    Cloud based deployment can be accessed from everywhere in the world and is easy to share with colleagues

    Services & Support

    Take advantage of IntelliMagic's experienced performance experts for standalone custom services or daily monitoring

    On Premise

    Install the software on premise and use it offline for total control of your installation

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