Proactively Detect Coupling Facility Risk & Optimize Performance

The Coupling Facility is used by most z/OS components and major applications, so any delays in the Coupling Facility or CF links will impact just about any aspect of the performance of the mainframe.

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Systems leverages knowledge about the Coupling Facility to determine how the structures are performing and how the software can alert you to underlying problems that you might not even know exist. With this solution, you’ll be able to:

  • Proactively identify upcoming risks to your Coupling Facility health and performance
  • Save time with quick access and intelligence about important issues
  • Utilize deep analysis & root cause analysis capabilities on every aspect of the Coupling Facility

Effectively Manage and Tune Coupling Facility Performance & Health

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS automatically generates GUI-based, interactive, rated reports that proactively identify areas that indicate potential upcoming risk to CF health and performance as well as providing context sensitive drilldowns to investigate and resolve issues. Access to historical data and comparisons, global filtering, and intuitive dashboards saves time looking for issues and quickly understanding what the data means.

Additionally, health and performance ratings based on IBM best practices automatically detect risk in your Coupling Facility and direct you to important issues that may warrant your attention. The interactive Coupling Facility reports/dashboards provide information on the storage usage, link issues, structure response times and cache effectiveness.

Key Features

Global Risk & Exception Reports

Automated checking multitude of elements in your infrastructure against Coupling Facility metrics identifies potential risks to availability

Consolidated Health Viewpoint

Visualize the health and performance of your entire environment through high-level dashboards, with drilldowns into hundreds of rated reports and metrics

Interactive Data Navigation

Accelerate root cause analysis and new skill acquisition through intuitive, context-sensitive drilldowns

Global Filtering

Streamline navigation and problem resolution by filtering reports and variables based on dozens of criteria and applying changes globally to all reporting

Historical Reporting and Analysis

Get historical context of workloads and metrics by comparing dashboards with any previous time interval; easily display monthly trends

Customizable Reports

Easily customize charts, combine variables to analyze correlations, code-free to quickly access and visualize relevant data for your needs

Flexible Report Sharing & Exporting

Easily and safely share reports with colleagues and management to highlight issues, accelerate resolutions, or export reports or data

Automated Report Analysis

Setup fully automated processing and reporting so that a chosen set of daily reports can automatically be emailed or placed on a shared location

Quickly Identify Imbalances

Calculation and variance visualizations highlight imbalance of resource utilization

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