The availability of your business applications is very important to your company. You take extensive measures to protect your datacenters such that business can continue at all times.

However, even though you protect your datacenters well, every company still experiences serious configuration or performance issues in their storage, SAN, or z/OS mainframe infrastructure. These incidents can effectively bring down applications just like a power outage.

Down time hurts the business and is expensive – on average more than USD 300,000 per hour according to Gartner.

With IntelliMagic you can prevent service disruptions, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce costs using software with embedded expert knowledge.

From Unpredictable Incidents to Predictable Risks

You probably think most of the incidents in your datacenters that hurt applications are unpredictable. But what if they could be predicted? What would that mean for your company? Surely this would mean:

  • Increased IT staff productivity, less time spent on fire-fighting
  • Less impact to end users and customers
  • Decreased risk of damage to your business or brand

Ultimately, your company would save significant money.

Can this really be achieved? Yes. IntelliMagic turns unpredictable incidents into predictable risks that can be resolved before they impact your business.

Intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

Other IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) solutions tend to generate alerts purely based on symptoms. IntelliMagic’s ITOA software uses a new, intelligent approach to ITOA that is much more powerful. It doesn’t just look at symptoms or detect statistical anomalies, but it interprets the infrastructure measurement data using context-specific embedded expert knowledge.

This creates deep intelligence about what goes on inside the datacenter infrastructure, resulting in:

Optimize and Reduce Costs while Avoiding Risks

IntelliMagic also has special offerings to optimize and reduce costs without adding risks.

This helps save your company money without compromising service levels.

Availability Intelligence

This is what Availability Intelligence means: improve availability and reduce infrastructure inefficiencies, using intelligent software with embedded expert knowledge.

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