Performance and Capacity Insights for your Outsourced z/OS Mainframe


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Performance and Capacity Insights for your Outsourced z/OS Mainframe

Outsourcing of z/OS mainframes is not uncommon, and many businesses consider it a cost-saving alternative to hosting mainframe operations in-house. While results will vary per-site, before outsourcing the mainframe operations, careful consideration must be made to the possible risks.

IntelliMagic partners, Cheryl Watson of Watson & Walker and Charles Hinkle of Edge Solutions and Consulting join us in this CMG-hosted webinar to explore the most common issues across hundreds of outsourced mainframe sites we’ve worked with related to application infrastructure, and business operations.

Learn best practices for handling an outsourced z/OS mainframe situation whether you are already outsourced, considering it, or already in negotiations.

Topics include:

  • Common application infrastructure and business-related issues in outsourced mainframe situations
  • MLC pricing and optimization in the context of outsourcing
  • How to handle outsourcing negotiations to ensure a best-case scenario for your business
  • Best practices before outsourcing, during negotiations, and for already outsourced businesses
  • and more

Need Support Related to Outsourced Mainframes?

For outsourcers who need an all-in-one solution managing multiple sites, sites who are concerned about the potential risks of outsourcing, or those who have already been outsourced and need third-party validation for agreed-upon service levels, IntelliMagic can help. We have extensive experience helping outsourced mainframe sites and outsourcers optimize performance, reduce costs, and improve cohesion and trust for both parties.