See how easy it is to monitor, prevent, and resolve performance and health issues in your Infinidat InfiniBox environment. With visually appealing dashboards, and logical drill downs, it is easier than ever to monitor your environment and quickly find root cause.

Our support for Infinidat InfiniBox platforms was developed in cooperation with Infinidat engineering to ensure the accuracy of our predictive analytics.

IntelliMagic Vision provides a unified view of performance, capacity and configuration for different architectures and vendors as well as in-depth architecture specific visibility for each supported platform.

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Improperly configured hosts can suffer from poor performance even on high performing arrays. Like a sports car engine, modern arrays are finely tuned machines, but if fueled with inefficient input you can rob performance and make your Ferrari perform more like a Yugo.

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How to Resolve Unequal Distribution of Infinidat Workloads

If you have ports that are running close to the maximum configuration and need to see how to quickly identify an imbalance and evenly distribute the workload across the ports, watch the video to see how.

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Configuring Infinidat InfiniBox Fibre Channel for Optimal Performance

This whitepaper provides a brief overview of the Infinidat InfiniBox hardware and discusses some best practices for configuring your InfiniBox for optimal performance within an actual SAN infrastructure.


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