High z/OS Disk Connect Time video


This video shows an example of how IntelliMagic Vision can help you respond to performance issues caused by software changes. The embedded expertise in the dashboard highlights that there had been a sudden increase in Connect time. Patterns are used to determine exactly when the problem began. By drilling down to the specific volumes and consulting change logs, it was easy to determine that the problem was being caused by a newly released SQL query. After fixing the inefficient query, the Connect time issue was eliminated.



How an Unexpected Drop in Response Time Led to a Quick Permanent Replication Improvement

Learn how a recent unexpected drop in asynchronous response time led to the discovery that one of the network links used for asynchronous replication went down and a permanent performance improvement.

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Using zHyperWrite to Improve MQ Logging Performance

In this blog we examine before-and-after measurements of a recent zHyperWrite implementation for MQ logging in a large z/OS environment.

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IntelliMagic Vision Adds SMF Field Name Mapping to Live Report Editor

February 27, 2023 | IntelliMagic Vision version 12.1 provides the capability to easily reference and add variables by SMF field names.

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