Best Practices for configuration, key performance metrics, and interpreting the metrics

NetApp arrays have been a mainstay in most datacenters for over a decade – most companies have at least one NetApp cluster in production.

While they are most well-known for serving NAS protocols, they are also quite capable in block protocols and even have the ability to run in the cloud.

This white paper will provide:

  1. a high-level overview of the NetApp architecture
  2. best practices and performance analysis for NetApp FAS (Fabric-Attached-Storage) and AFF (All-Flash) arrays running Clustered Data ONTAP
  3. capacity reporting and how NetApp arrays consume storage capacity

This whitepaper covers the evolution of NetApp Cluster-Mode running on FAS and AFF arrays, and its architecture and performance analytics for key components. Additionally, this paper discusses best practices for configuration, key performance metrics for the associated hardware components, and how to interpret their metrics

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