Given the importance of security in today’s world, managing network encryption is a critical requirement for almost every z/OS environment. Beginning with z/OS 2.3, IBM provides the capability to have an entirely new level of visibility into the encryption status of all network traffic to and from your z/OS systems. This is enabled through z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT), which makes this data available in SMF 119 records.

This zERT data can be of great benefit to network security teams who are responsible to ensure that transmitted data is encrypted in accordance with corporate standards. But sites typically have alternatives when choosing between encryption methods, some of which drive significantly more CPU overhead than others. This heightens the importance of having clear visibility into CPU data to help identify the most cost-effective approach.

Watch this session to learn more about the value provided by zERT and other SMF data:

  • To identify and address any encryption gaps you may currently have
  • To provide the reporting required by auditors and compliance officers
  • To enhance analysis by classifying data into distinct traffic classes
  • To measure the CPU impact of alternative encryption methods using several real-life examples
  • To help your organization answer other non-security questions.

You may also find that using this data can help your organization answer other non-security questions.