The mainframe is one of the most secure computing platforms in the world – offering best-of-class encryption on top of its blistering performance capabilities. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to manage your network encryption carefully.

Regardless of the hat you wear: Performance, Capacity, Systems; everyone has some responsibility for security. Who gets the ‘honor’ of the next audit? How do we make sure the next security improvement doesn’t wreck performance with assumptions about processor configurations?

A security analyst role in the mainframe world likely also needs to understand the other components, too. Do you have something that helps you connect the dots? This webinar will introduce you to some of the ways to identify security risks and issues within network traffic and provide actionable strategies and recommendations to ensure they don’t appear at your site or cause an unplanned resource demand increase.

Watch this webinar recording to learn strategies for:

  • Identifying and addressing any encryption gaps you may currently have
  • Providing security-related management reporting
  • Improving collaboration with Integrated reporting on multiple SMF record types
  • Measuring the CPU impact of technology differences