CICS produces extensive SMF metrics that offer rich potential insights for its management and operation. But sites often face significant barriers to realizing the potential value of this data, arising from factors including:

  • overwhelming data volumes
  • siloed tooling that inhibits collaboration
  • complex legacy solutions that can deter newer staff from getting up to speed

This webinar recording will introduce you to several best practices for enhancing your analysis of CICS Transaction (SMF 110.1) and CICS Statistics (110.2) data, including:

  • Approaches to analyzing the 100 or so transaction timing buckets that facilitate effective response time analysis
  • Visibility into levels of detail within CICS regions provided by the Statistics data including by storage area, TCB pool and mode, TCLASS, and enqueue names
  • Using dynamic navigation and drill down capabilities to enable focusing on the desired subset of data
  • Leveraging automated assessments of key metrics to proactively direct your attention to potential risks to CICS region availability and performance

You can also expect to learn more about the insights available from CICS SMF data as an outcome of this session. And don’t be surprised if you can’t wait to dive in and explore your own CICS SMF data at a whole new level!

Best Practices in CICS Performance Analysis