Exploring Interactive Topology Visualizations from z/OS Configuration Data


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z/OS Performance and Configuration data is very useful for understanding complicated issues and solving problems, but sometimes it is hard to fully grasp what the data is showing us. Traditional methods of viewing and understanding our z/OS configuration often involved physically taping the mapped-out-topology to office walls – something not feasible or desirable in today’s massively complex environments.

To keep up with the needs and demands of z/OS performance analysts, a new method of interpreting and interacting with the LPAR, FICON, and Sysplex topologies is necessary.

In this webinar, we explore one such method that combines numerous different data sources from z/OS and displays the data in an understandable, succinct, and interactive visual form. We explore how these views help us solve problems, improve efficiency, and ensure desired data replication requirements are being implemented.

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