Best Practices for Configuring HDS VSP G Series Performance

This whitepaper is written to help a user understand the architecture, the key performance metrics and the interpretation of key metrics for HDS’ high-end enterprise arrays, the HDS G1500/F1500 series.

These are massive arrays that can scale to many PBs of storage and thousands of I/Os. The G1000/G1500 are hybrid models, and the F1500 is an all flash model. The system can scale to a six rack system that includes two controller chassis, up to 2,304 SFF drives, up to 1,152 LFF drives, up to 384 SSD drives, up to 576 Flash module drives (FMD) and a total of 2 TB of cache. The system supports both block and file.

Even with the scale that these arrays provide, bottlenecks and imbalances can occur. In order to avoid sub-optimal performance, it is important to understand the architecture and the key performance metrics.

“Excellent, great work! …it has all necessary info [for] customers [to] understand how VSP G 1000 architecture works and how they can setup to have it performing properly.” – Hitachi Vantara Support Specialist

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