Best Practices for Managing z/OS Virtual Tape Performance


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Disaster Recovery requirements are getting stricter, and mirroring virtual tape is not easy.

This webinar discusses the best practices for managing your replicated tape environment, with particular focus on IBM TS7700 and Oracle VSM environments, so you can properly monitor the performance of your z/OS Tape infrastructure and prevent performance problems before they occur.

This webinar will help you:

  • Understand peak replicated works
  • Ensure you have enough bandwidth between (end of batch and online)
  • Understand differences in how you manage this between Oracle and IBM
  • Understand the measurement between Oracle and IBM (Deferred Queue Age) Oracle (Exposure Time)
  • Understand inbound and outbound data rate

IBM TS7700 Performance Areas:

  • IBM Health Assessments Top Things to Look at
  • Replication (Time delayed deferred copy, deferred copy, synchronous)
  • Stuck Tapes
  • Dormant Cluster (queues grow and no workload is getting done)
  • Throughput (Important to know what the desired workload is matching required ports/channels) – make sure hardware matches workload requirements
  • Host Write and Copy Throttle
  • RPO – How old is the tape?

Oracle VSM Performance Areas:

  • Oracle Health Assessment Top Things to Look at
  • Replication types (Synch and Asynch)
  • Interfaces for Hardware
  • Network problems and mis-configurations
  • RPO

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