IntelliMagic Vision release 12.9.0 adds z/OS Connect support, adding IntelliMagic Vision’s world-leading end-to-end mainframe analytics capabilities to API calls and back-end services.

IBM’s z/OS Connect provides a simple, intuitive way to bring the power of APIs to the mainframe for cloud, mobile, and web applications. IntelliMagic Vision’s support for z/OS Connect now enables IT teams to manage and optimize their mainframe API environment, and to profile the requests coming into the system. This is essential for management reporting and resource planning.

z/OS Connect Management Challenges

A key aspect of mainframe modernization efforts in recent years has been to provide access to business-critical data and applications on z/OS to cloud, mobile, and other off-platform applications. In today’s world that access is typically enabled through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), with z/OS Connect serving as the gateway.

Mainframe sites using IBM’s z/OS Connect rely on it to connect z/OS applications and data with hybrid cloud applications using RESTful APIs. The cloud app workloads are often mission critical. Without a way to unlock the data, teams miss out on crucial insights into:

  • API Rates and Response Times
  • Significant Drivers of Demand
  • Service Levels
  • Services Invoked by the APIs
  • Back-end Systems Called by the APIs/Services
  • Server Performance and Configuration

IntelliMagic Vision applies its built-in expert knowledge and artificial intelligence to automatically extract these insights and provide it in an intuitive and easy to use graphical interface. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual coding efforts, and greatly enhances domain expertise and expedites learning about this new area of the z/OS infrastructure.

Examples of IntelliMagic Vision’s z/OS Connect Reporting

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Connect enables IT teams to manage and optimize their mainframe API environment, and to profile the requests coming into the system for essential management reporting and resource planning.

IntelliMagic Vision provides both the high-level view of the API activity, and the ability to drill down to how individual servers and back-end systems process the work for a particular API. The general approach with the IntelliMagic Vision interface is to first show a high-level chart, for example the transaction count for all APIs over time as shown below.

zOS Connect Number of Requests by API Requester Name

From the API counts, teams can drill down to the total response time for that API and the detailed response time components, as shown in the image below, while still correlating to call volume.

zOS Connect Response Time Components

Drilling down from a specific API to the services invoked will provide a clear picture of these relationships and allow teams to investigate changes or problems at the service or System of Record (SOR) level. Call volumes and response times are available at any level, and filtering to a specific API, service, or server enables teams to ensure good service for the requesting applications, and in the event of problems, narrow the problem space to quickly identify a solution.

About IntelliMagic

IntelliMagic delivers its solutions to Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s largest IT datacenters. IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS unlocks the full potential of mainframe infrastructure performance and configuration data by automatically applying z/OS-aware expert knowledge. Its modernized, intelligent interpretation detects risks before they impact production, uncovers true root causes, and identifies optimization opportunities. Ultimately, this enables a higher level of application service reliability at optimal cost.

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A Single Pane for End-to-End Mainframe Monitoring

IntelliMagic Vision’s support for z/OS Connect  adds another z/OS component under the IntelliMagic Vision umbrella. Unlike other solutions, IntelliMagic Vision provides a single pane of glass for the entire end-to-end z/OS infrastructure, allowing for faster issue resolution and   communication and cooperation between departments.

For a customized demonstration of IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Connect or any area of the z/OS infrastructure, connect with an IntelliMagic expert here.

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