Have you ever wanted to see how your VMware servers relate to the back-end storage system volumes? In this short video you will see how IntelliMagic Vision can show you the VMware server to the back-end storage volume as well as related switch ports.

Troubleshooting VMware Configuration Issues

In the video, Brett Allison demonstrates how visualizing the volume paths of your Virtual Machines through the Hosts, Initiator Ports, and all the way down to the volumes can help you better understand your environment and resolve any underlying issues with the configuration.

Brett first identifies asymmetry at the storage switch port level resulting from a zoning issue. Next, he examines the VM environment from a performance and buffer credit perspective.

He also demonstrates how to look at any Datastore for any particular VM, and down to the performance from a VM perspective. This is useful for seeing if there are multiple active hosts on a Datastore

SAN Fabric Configuration and Performance from End-to-End Perspective

Brett shows some of the numerous reports available for checking for SAN Fabric configuration issues. He examines all the ESX Hosts with a Single Switch Link. In his example he notices only a single link from the host to the fabric. Losing access to, or having any connectivity issues on that single path would result in availability downtime for any applications on any VM on that host.

He also looks at the Throughput from a VMware perspective. In a matter of clicks he navigates from the VM, to the LUN data, to the LUN performance data.

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