Mar 03, 2017

IntelliMagic, innovator in intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software, announced support for NetApp FAS systems running in 7-mode. IntelliMagic Vision is vendor-independent and supports storage systems from all the major brands and models. This enables a single pane of glass on the IT application infrastructure monitoring performance, configuration and capacity.

IntelliMagic Vision is an ITOA performance and capacity management product that utilizes artificial intelligence techniques to expose the inner workings of the storage infrastructure to prevent performance incidents that may impact application availability. In the 8.10 release, besides other enhancements, IntelliMagic added support for NetApp FAS systems.

On the performance side the reporting focuses on three main categories: Operations, Throughput and Latency. These numbers are reported separately for the different protocols (CIFS, NFS, iSCSI and FCP), and additionally split into the read, write, other sub categories. All statistics are reported on different granularity levels, such as: FlexVol, Aggregate, and vFiler.

“IntelliMagic Vision provides a unified view for different architectures and vendors as well as in-depth architecture specific visibility for each supported platform,” says Brett Allison, Director of Technical Services, Americas. “With this release, we now cover both the need to manage storage systems from all the major brands and models from a single pane of glass, as well as provide detailed analysis for architecture-specific functions.”

New IntelliMagic Vision for SAN 8.10 features support major distributed storage architectures and improved visibility of SAN Fabric infrastructure environments, providing end-to-end visibility across the entire vendor-agnostic SAN areas. Key features include:

  • Support for the NetApp FAS systems running 7-mode;
  • New Timeband Charts which provide a condensed view of activity for a month of data, showing the minimum, average, and maximum values across all intervals for the last month;
  • New SAN Fabric reporting which creates a distinction between the physical switches/ports and the logical switches/ports;
  • New chart customizations in the Web Reporter that allow users to show a subset of the series, change from area chart to line chart, apply filters, and add or change variables;
  • Web Reporter LDAP Authentication that provides the ability to authenticate users using an LDAP server;

To learn more about IntelliMagic support for NetApp, please visit:

About IntelliMagic

Availability is critical for your business applications. Yet, the systems and storage infrastructure that your applications depend on are still causing expensive service disruptions. IntelliMagic’s intelligent IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) software unlocks the full potential of existing infrastructure performance data to prevent these outages by automatically applying embedded expert knowledge.

Some of the world’s largest corporations rely daily on this modernized, intelligent interpretation from IntelliMagic software. They detect risks before issues impact production, uncover true root causes, and identify optimization opportunities. Ultimately, the software enables their IT staff to deliver a higher level of application service reliability at optimal cost.

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