Strategic Partnership

The partnership between IntelliMagic and Edge accelerates a company’s ability to redesign their mainframe platform, optimized for resiliency and cost effectiveness.

Many mainframe organizations, whether the z/OS infrastructure is outsourced or operated directly by the organization, are experiencing difficulties and inefficiencies in ensuring optimal performance and cost efficiency from the platform.

Through this alliance, Edge and IntelliMagic engage companies as a single team of professionals to review current state, document best practices, analyze current and future capacity and performance requirements, and validate software usage levels.

Benefiting Mainframe Customers

“IntelliMagic Vision provides by far the most powerful AI-augmented analysis of the z/OS metrics that our team has ever seen, and this provides a unique combination to help customers,” says Marti Hedge, Founder & President of Edge.

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS analyzes SMF and RMF data to detect issues before they impact production by using built-in artificial intelligence capabilities that apply built-in expert z/OS-specific knowledge to normalize the data, relate physical knowledge to logical workload data, and to rate metrics (good, warning, or bad) based on the context.

“The Edge team represents the world’s deepest set of skills and experience in implementing and optimizing complicated mainframe technologies such as storage replication and GDPS in particular,” says Dr. Gilbert Houtekamer, Founder and CEO of IntelliMagic. “In recent joint engagements, Edge has proven their abilities to deliver world-class analysis and capabilities in end-to-end z/OS infrastructure areas using the advantages of IntelliMagic’s AI-driven analysis software.”

By combining world-class z/OS consulting with AI-augmented operations analytics, mainframe shops are able to benefit from increased resiliancy and optimization.

Chuck Hinkle of Edge Solutions and Consulting joined IntelliMagic and Watson & Walker, another IntelliMagic partner, in discussing the common problems and solutions to outsourcing agreements for z/OS mainframe environments. You can watch the recording of that webinar here: Performance and Capacity Insights for your Outsourced z/OS Mainframe: Performance and Capacity Insights for your Outsourced z/OS Mainframe.