Jaco van den Bosch, IntelliMagic CFO

Jaco van den Bosch is the CFO at IntelliMagic. After joining IntelliMagic in 2016, Jaco set up the planning and control cycle for the entire company with a focus on forecasts and cash flow projections. He provides financial insights and watches over all future obligations: financial, compliance-related and otherwise.

Jaco acts from the operational to the strategic level. He likes playing an active role in strategic planning, analyzing the financial impact of putting strategic plans in motion and keeping the company financially healthy and thriving.

He believes in propagation of the finance function within an organization; making finance a real business partner without losing sight of finance function’s responsibilities. This collaboration delivers a strong contribution to achieving the organization’s objectives.

Jaco finished his MBA degree in 2018. This emphasizes his broad interest in running a business from a financial background, understanding and connecting the world behind the numbers.