Sally Mir - IntelliMagic Db2 Consultant

Sally Mir is a Senior Db2 Consultant at IntelliMagic and has worked with all aspects of Db2 for z/OS since 1990.

Her vast Db2 experience includes working with system and application performance monitoring and tuning, application support, disaster recovery, utilities, developing enterprise-wide guidelines for best practices, and installing Db2 and Db2-related software.

Sally’s passion for performing and being in front of others has passed from her previous career as an opera singer to public speaking. Sally has been a speaker/presenter at several regional and International Db2 User Group conferences in North America as well as in Europe.

At IntelliMagic, Sally enjoys working with customers, helping delve into their Db2 performance issues, and writing articles and blogs about Db2.

Resources created by Sally Mir


Evaluating and Tuning Db2 Subsystem Wait (Suspension) Times

Understanding what causes wait (suspension) time can be instrumental in improving your subsystem and application performance.

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How to Gather / Collect Db2 SMF Data

In this blog, for newcomers to Db2 analysis, we cover the crucial initial step for analyzing the data – how to gather and collect the SMF data in the first place.

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Understanding and Analyzing Db2 Statistics CPU Times and DBAT Activity

This article dives into the insights into CPU Usage and DBAT Activity that can be gleaned from advanced analysis of the SMF 100 Db2 statistics records.

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Whitepaper Cheryl Watson's Tuning Letter

Db2 Statistics - They're Not Just for Buffer Pools

Discover key insights Db2 statistics data can provide for performance management other than tuning Buffer Pools.