Understand Your Current Capacity Utilization

IntelliMagic Vision Health Insight Charts show your current capacity status across platforms at the storage array, pool, and tier levels. These reports are easy to understand and updated automatically.


Capacity Planning - Health Insights



From these Health Insight Charts you can easily drill down for more detailed information by simply clicking on the item of interest. This drilldown mechanism is symbolized with blue arrows.


Topology charts show the devices that are consuming capacity, easing your documentation burdens and facilitating activities like array migrations or decommissions.


Capacity Planning Topology


Predict Future Growth


Predict Future Growth

Knowing your current capacity situation is only part of the battle. IntelliMagic Vision allows you to predict future storage needs by analyzing the burn rate for each storage pool to predict when each pool will need more capacity.


Identify Anomalous Growth Patterns

Modern storage arrays use a combination of thin provisioning and data reduction techniques like compression and deduplication to minimize the amount of physical capacity necessary. Changing workloads can cause thin provisioning and data reduction ratios to change rapidly, which can adversely affect arrays with “just enough” provisioning.
Change detection charts identify utilization patterns that deviate from a 30-day baseline, allowing you to easily spot anomalous growth, and/or get automatically alerted when this happens.


Identify Anomalous Growth Patterns


Capacity Planning and Forecasting Solution

Capacity forecasting doesn’t have to be a manual, arduous task. Leveraging AIOps functions allows you to understand future storage capacity requirements and prevent capacity constraints. IntelliMagic Vision tracks key capacity metrics over time to calculate the consumption rate over time, providing a comprehensive view of the capacity grown and free space expiration at a storage system and storage pool level. Knowing the number of days until running out of space can be leveraged to purchase more storage for the impacted storage system before capacity constraints present an issue. Additionally, IntelliMagic Vision warns you for abnormal sudden changes in the storage consumption, helping you preventing potential problems in the future.

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