What is Storage Performance Management?

Storage Performance Management (SPM) is designed to ensure that applications receive the required service levels from the infrastructure while at the same time making sure that assets are efficiently used.
SAN infrastructure is ever growing in size, cost, and complexity. The infrastructure is often viewed as a “black box” that requires specialized, vendor-specific tools and personnel. However, IntelliMagic Vision for SAN solves this challenge by providing unique embedded expert knowledge of your SAN infrastructure based on the capability and configuration of each device. This embedded intelligence is used to deliver early warnings of hidden availability risks and faster root cause detection.
A mature implementation of Storage Performance Management provides significant financial benefits: it ensures that business applications receive the required service levels and have a continuously available infrastructure, without overspending on hardware and infrastructure.


What is storage performance management


Proactive health insights


Proactive Health Insights

Automated Health Insights leverage hardware specific knowledge to identify and prevent the most common SAN performance issues. Health Insights include multiple metrics, multiple components, and AI-rated performance indicators in a single view to provide preventive focused insights. Examples are throughput constraints, front-end response time problems, port response time issues, and many other serious performance risks.


Advanced Statistical Analysis

Advanced statistical functions provide performance and capacity anomaly detection. This allows you to not only see what has changed, but also determine the magnitude and significance of that change.

IntelliMagic Vision’s Change Detection functions automatically identify significant workload changes in your Storage, Host (Cluster), Virtual Machine and Switch port environment so that you can investigate anomalies before they impact shared resources in the environment.


Advanced Statistical Analysis


Best Practices for Managing your SAN Performance

Traditionally, the primary bottleneck in the infrastructure was the back-end spinning disk of the storage array. Modern all-flash arrays and NVMe over Fabrics connectivity have the potential to move that bottleneck to the array front-end ports or onto the switch fabric itself.

In terms of the evolution of best practices for SAN management, the main thing that has changed is that with fewer storage performance issues, the health assessment needs to be more holistic. Besides SAN performance, it needs to include the capacity and configuration attributes of SAN health.

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN provides this holistic overview and includes the required hardware and configuration specific knowledge of your IT-infrastructure.

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