IBM Spectrum Virtualize software virtualizes storage arrays, giving you a single point of control to manage your SAN storage environment. Spectrum Virtualize software runs on a variety of IBM hardware including SAN Volume Controller (SVC), Storwize V7000, V5000 and V3500, and FlashSystem V9000.

Potential Bottlenecks

Virtualization offers many benefits, but it also obscures potential bottlenecks developing inside the storage arrays. If left undetected, they can suddenly cause heavy delays in front-end application performance that hurt your business. The people managing the storage infrastructure tend to spend a lot of valuable time on fire-fighting these issues.

Tip! Read this white paper: Storage Performance Analysis for IBM SVC

– This white paper will explain some of the issues you may encounter and the most effective way to avoid them.

Uncover Hidden SVC Risks

When you use IntelliMagic Vision, the hidden risks and potential bottlenecks inside your environment are uncovered even before they can impact production, through intelligent dashboards that contain thousands of measurements condensed into an easy-to-read rated visualization. For virtualized environments, the IntelliMagic Vision dashboards show both the SVC or Storwize Virtualization layer and the underlying storage systems with their internal components.

Screenshot of SAN SVC Front-End Dashboard
Screenshot of one of the SVC Dashboards from the IntelliMagic Vision Web Reporter, showing front-end performance issues.

Customer Experiences from SVC and Storwize Environments

  • Schaeffler

    Schaeffler, a large manufacturer of precision instruments for ‘anything that moves’, uses IntelliMagic Vision to protect their virtualized SVC environment from hidden risks.

    Proactive monitoring of any bottlenecks that may arise is indispensable. With IntelliMagic Vision, potential problems are discovered early, analyzed and prevented from developing any further.

    Read more about how IntelliMagc Vision benefits Schaeffler.

  • Pharmapartners

    Pharmapartners is an IT service provider in the healthcare industry and uses IntelliMagic Vision to ensure reliability of their Storwize environment.

    IntelliMagic Vision helps us maintain insight into what goes on inside our storage layer. The great thing is that all dashboards have drill downs all the way down to the component level, which uncovers potential internal bottlenecks.

    Read more about how IntelliMagic Vision is used at PharmaPartners.

Sample IntelliMagic Vision use case for an SVC issue

This excellent 5-minute video shows just one of the many use cases how IntelliMagic Vision resolves issues fast.

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