Oracle StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 7 automates and optimizes the storage and protection of mainframe data and natively tiers it to cloud storage so you can accelerate applications, streamline backup and archiving tape operations, and reduce costs. IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Virtual Tape supports performance and availability management for Oracle StorageTek VSM, and all Oracle StorageTek physical tape solutions.

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Automate Health & Performance Monitoring

IntelliMagic Vision z/OS Virtual Tape collects the SMF z/OS and SMF Oracle VSM data and correlates it into a complete picture of VSM tape activity.

IntelliMagic Vision automatically aggregates and analyzes the available data, applies thresholds, and creates daily reports and dashboards that highlight issues.

This performance management does more than monitor your system. By embedding expert knowledge into the software, we allow you to detect and prevent disruptions before they occur.

As this short video shows, IntelliMagic Vision can also be used to determine how Oracle VSM buffer capacity is being used.

Proactively Manage Virtual and Physical Tape Environments

IntelliMagic Vision for Tape not only correlates z/OS based tape activity to Oracle VSM performance data, but provides a sophisticated drill-down method to see exactly which z/OS Jobs are running at the time to facilitate problem analysis.

Some of the advanced modeling included in IntelliMagic Vision is to show the total VSM buffer usage, tape efficiency (i.e. a tape is being recalled soon after being migrated) and tape exposure.

Tape exposure is particularly important since it shows how long it takes for a tape to be copied to a second media or remote location.

Examples of Oracle VSM Drill-downs in IntelliMagic Vision

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