Troubleshooting HPE 3PAR Workload Imbalances

Not all imbalances are bad, but there are some that are potentially disastrous. A lot of systems are inadvertently put in production with imbalances, and while an imbalance will probably not top a system over, it is important to know if they exist as they can limit system throughput.

In this video we will show you how you can easily identify and correct front-end imbalances within an HPE 3PAR storage system.

When we look at the workload balance of the fibre throughput, we see that one system has a greater amount of variance than the other. After drilling down to the system, we see the workload is not at all evenly distributed across the ports. 4 of the ports have a significantly higher workload than the rest.

Next, we check the speed of the ports and evaluate how much of the total bandwidth it’s taking up. Finally, we look at how to rebalance the imbalanced workloads by checking out the associated volumes to the ports.

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