Learn how to easily understand the performance and behavior of your z/OS applications

IntelliMagic Vision allows you to view your z/OS data from the application perspective and comes with a rich default set to recognize major applications and consumers like DB2, IMS, CICS, MQ and VSAM RLS, and provides insight into what keeps your mainframe busy.

The application support is very helpful to understand application performance and behavior: to assess whether the workload and service levels for the processor, storage, Coupling Facilities etc., are indeed as expected for each individual application or application group.

If there are anomalies, it is good to know which applications are involved, and to assess whether it may be a symptom of a wrong configuration setting causing z/OS or the application to do too much work, or an inefficiency in the application, or a problem in the infrastructure.

The concept also allows you to add your own site-specific rules to create reports that match the way you run your business.


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