Top CPU Saving Opportunities to Focus CPU Reduction Initiatives

Instead of being driven only by CPU usage during the monthly peak four-hour interval as with the current R4HA model, under IBM’s Software Consumption solution (previously Enterprise Consumption) within Tailored Fit Pricing (TFP), software is charged based on the total accumulated CPU consumption for the entire month (at a much lower unit price).

The realization that “all CPU is in scope” could generate a nearly unlimited number of opportunities, resulting in a state of paralysis because the benefits of CPU reduction initiatives extend to all workloads that run at any time. Analysts involved in leading CPU reduction efforts will have to focus limited staff resources on the top potential savings opportunities.

In addition to awareness of common types of optimization opportunities, key success factors also include visibility into top CPU consumers (so you know where to focus your attention), and early notification of significant CPU increases (so that you can ‘nip the problem in the bud’).

This Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Letter reprint article focuses on the following job-level or application-level CPU reduction opportunities:

  • Write or Rewrite Programs in Java
  • Reduce Job Abends
  • Compile / Recompile Programs With Newer ARCH values
  • Proactively Identify CPU Surges by Applications
  • Database Tuning
  • Non-database Data Set Tuning
  • DFSMShsm Optimization
  • Sort Tuning

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This document is reprinted with permission from Watson and Walker. It originally appeared in Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Letter 2021 No. 1.

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