June 3, 2022

LSG IntelliMagic has won the cup competition of the Royal Dutch Chess Federation (KNSB). This cup competition is played as a knock-out system. All clubs in the national chess competition and the regional cup champions participate. There are about one hundred teams of four players. The competition consisted of four preliminary rounds that were played from January to April.

On the final day on 26 May, the best four chess teams in the Netherlands came together to fight for the coveted cup in a direct confrontation. In the semi-final, LSG IntelliMagic defeated the Stukkenjagers from Tilburg with a convincing score of 3½-½.

The final was therefore a meeting between the two strongest chess clubs of the Netherlands. LSG IntelliMagic played this match professionally. The chess masters from Apeldoorn did everything they could to resist their competitors from Leiden. It was extremely exciting and three of the games ended in hard-fought draws. International Grandmaster Robin Swinkels of LSG IntelliMagic managed to bring the strong International Master Merijn van Delft from Apeldoorn to his knees. Thus, LSG IntelliMagic booked a narrow victory of 2½ against 1½ points. It was the second time in its existence that LSG won the cup. The last time was twenty years ago.

IntelliMagic has sponsored the first team of LSG since 2015. Just like in chess, applying knowledge and estimating chances and risks is part of IntelliMagic’s daily work.  Due to the sponsorship, LSG IntelliMagic was able to engage International Grandmaster Predrag Nikolić as a trainer and team member. They have been very successful over the past years. LSG IntelliMagic was Dutch Champion in 2018 and 2019. The competitions in 2020 in 2021 could not be completed due to the pandemic. This year, LSG IntelliMagic achieved the second place in the league, as in 2017.



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