Mainframe Systems Monitoring Solution

Many challenges performance analysts face in trying to monitor their z/OS Systems infrastructure come from using outdated methods, multiple tools, or solutions that are reactive rather than proactive.

What they really need is an end-to-end z/OS infrastructure performance monitor that allows them to proactively monitor their entire infrastructure for upcoming risks and cost optimization opportunities and has built-in capabilities that makes it easy to segment and customize the data and easily find the root cause of performance issues.

IntelliMagic Vision for z/OS Systems automatically analyzes, correlates, and rates thousands of metrics in your environment to deliver interactive, GUI-based reports that proactively identify areas for upcoming risks to your z Systems mainframe health and performance.

Context sensitive drilldowns allow analysts to investigate and resolve issues quickly, while access to historical data and comparisons, global filtering, and intuitive dashboards saves time looking for issues and quickly understanding what the data means.

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