This video shows an example of how IntelliMagic Vision can be used to determine how long it is, on average, before a second copy of the VTV’s exist in your Oracle VSM VTSS’s. Before a second copy exists you have an exposure if that particular VTSS were to fail. The VSM creates a second copy of VTV’s by migrating the VTV data to cartridges or replicating the VTV data to another VTSS. The video also shows how IntelliMagic Vision can drill down to see all of the recorded events that occurred for a particular VTV.



How to Find Sick But Not Dead (SBND) TS7700 Tape Clusters

Rather than waiting for a remote VTS to fail, you should be reviewing these key TS7700 reports to determine if remote clusters are receiving replication data or not.

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Are My Remote Clusters Receiving Replication?

Review these key reports when troubleshooting remote cluster issues or trying to determine if your remote clusters are receiving replication.

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Interactive FICON Topology Viewer Spotlights Configuration Errors

June 26, 2023 | IntelliMagic Vision's FICON Topology Viewer helps analysts identify configuration errors, ensure that the infrastructure is configured correctly, and reveal undesirable infrastructure changes.

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