Best Practices for Configuring HDS VSP 5000 Series Performance

The design of the VSP 5000 series represents a significant modernization from prior VSP architectures. There are several key technology improvements in the VSP 5000 series:

  1. Introduction of a horizontally scalable clustering architecture of up to 12 controllers.
  2. Support for NVMe, which provides very low latency (less than 100 microseconds)
  3. Departing from custom ASICs and moving to more generic components in the front-end channel boards, the back-end disk boards, and the processor boards
  4. Relying on high speed PCIe3 fabric and field-programmable logic gateways to provide flexibility while reducing CPU overhead for all inter-node and intra-node traffic.

This whitepaper is written to help a user understand the architecture, the key performance metrics and the interpretation of key metrics for HDS’ high-end enterprise arrays, the HDS 5000 series.

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