It is time for a new, more intelligent approach to interpreting the RMF & SMF data. One that provides a dramatically different result that you can easily verify on your own data.

RMF & SMF produce the world’s richest source of machine-generated data about enterprise infrastructure performance and configuration. But even the best run shops are not able to use this data to avoid incidents causing unavailability.

To outsmart unavailability, you have to automatically “crawl” through all the workload data every day at a very granular level. This data needs to be enriched and constantly evaluated against detailed expert knowledge about the infrastructure. Statistical analysis (the primary method in other new Analytics solutions) is not enough.

Using expert knowledge in this kind of process, you can see for the first time, the risk in your infrastructure to handle your peak workloads. And how that risk is changing over time. This new visibility gives you warning before your online monitors can even detect any disruption to service levels.

Watch this on-demand webinar, hosted by CMG, for an introduction to how IntelliMagic Vision changes the way you protect continuous availability at your primary site. The webinar will touch on various aspects of the infrastructure IntelliMagic supports, from the Processor to Disk storage, as well as Replication and Virtual tape operations.



AI: Too Much of a Good Thing

Solution providers will continue to entice us with bigger and better real-time analytics. Some of these should be employed, but first try to understand the logic you may be activating when you implement.

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4 Benefits of Implementing TS7700’s New Microcode Compression

Implementing the TS7700 microcode-based compression algorithms can have benefits beyond better compression. The CPU algorithms allow host jobs to run faster and improve replication time.

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IntelliMagic zAcademy: An Online Educational Series for z/OS Professionals

Conferences are canceled, so we're bringing the conference to you! IntelliMagic zAcademy brings the education of your favorite z/OS conference to your new home office. Every week, a new online educational session.

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