How to Measure and Monitor z/OS Connect Activity

One of the key facets of the multitude of mainframe modernization journeys that are underway across the industry is providing easy access from off-platform applications to the extensive business-critical data and applications that reside on the mainframe. In today’s world, that access is typically facilitated through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition (EE) has emerged as IBM’s widely-adopted strategic solution providing a single-entry point across Z platform subsystems. It handles converting incoming messages to the distinct formats expected by each subsystem, as well as centralizing administrative tasks such as configuration and security.

In this reprint from Cheryl Watson’s Tuning Letter 2023 No. 3, Todd Havekost and Dennis Moore describe how to use z/OS Connect’s SMF records to monitor and manage the performance experienced by exploiters of z/OS Connect’s services


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