In Part 1 of this panel discussion on the biggest challenges to z/OS infrastructure operations and trends for 2021, we talked about increasing resiliency and availability in your z/OS infrastructure, safely lowering costs, and enhancing your performance team despite workforce reductions.

The topics in Part 2 are based on input from registrants, along with overflow topics from the first session, including:

  • Overcoming challenges and deriving value from SMF data
  • Measuring the effects of changes: Compilers, CPU, Memory
  • Deriving value from Db2, CICS, and MQ data

Our panel of experts will draw on real-world experiences at many mainframe sites around the world, and where appropriate illustrate their responses with demonstrations using intelligent and automated analysis of RMF and SMF.

z/OS Infrastructure Operations: 2020’s Biggest Challenges & Trends for 2021 Part 2



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