At IntelliMagic, our focus is on creating the world’s most intelligent software solutions to manage performance in order to protect availability. IntelliMagic experts can run these solutions for you or do custom professional services, such that you can realize the powerful benefits with little overhead. See below some examples of these professional services.

Emergency Services

Storage Performance Analysis

IntelliMagic professional services will review the health and performance of your z/OS or SAN storage infrastructure. At the conclusion of the analysis, a detailed report containing our findings and recommendations will be provided.

Optimization Services

MLC Reduction Study

Software costs consistently dominate the budget for mainframe installations. And since even new consumption-based license models are baselined to the previous 12 months of expense, initiatives to reduce expenses under current licensing models are of perpetual value. Multiple companies have achieved significant cost savings after implementing IntelliMagic recommendations. IntelliMagic Vision provides particular visibility into opportunities to optimize processor cache. Learn more

Tiering Optimization

The purpose of the Tier optimization study is to study the storage infrastructure and assess the performance and hardware configurations and costs in order to identify the optimal tier design for the workloads.

Storage Efficiency Analysis

IntelliMagic professional services can analyze how efficiently your storage systems are utilized in relationship to their capabilities and will provide detailed recommendations to optimize the efficiency. This type of analysis often leads to the ability to delay storage hardware purchases.

Storage Workload and Hardware Sizing Study

IntelliMagic professional services will work with you to determine the best configuration required for new storage hardware purchases based on either existing or new workloads. This type of service uses IntelliMagic Direction and is focused on supporting major hardware purchases. At the conclusion of the analysis, a detailed report containing our findings and recommendations will be provided.

Channel Consolidation Study

How to consolidate channels on a new CEC without causing a bottleneck on those channels.

Longevity Study

The purpose of the longevity study is to determine if storage hardware purchases can be delayed based on current workload and workload growth.

IntelliMagic zHPF Analysis

  • Analyze your current workload
  • Estimate how many percent of all the I/Os are zHPF candidate I/Os by DSS
  • Recommend channel consolidation to use fewer channels when doing CEC consolidation, and when upgrading or consolidating DSS

Coupling Facility Analysis

There are many metrics to monitor to ensure a healthy coupling facility. There are five metrics that we focus on when taking an initial look at coupling facilities:

  • Synchronous Request Service Time
  • Directory Reclaim Rate
  • False Lock Contention
  • Synchronous to Asynchronous Request Rate
  • Average CP Usage for Synchronous Coupling Facility Requests

DR & Replication Services

Replication Bandwidth Sizing Study (based on technology)

DR storage hardware Sizing Study

Disaster Recovery Copy Services/Replication Bandwidth Sizing Study
IntelliMagic Professional Services will collect and analyze your performance data to determine the write MB for the volumes you want to replicate and provide detailed bandwidth sizing options taking into account write folder, compression, RPO, RTO, etc.

Migration Services

Tech Refresh: Storage Acquisition and Competitive Options Study

As storage continues its exponential growth in most enterprises, it is critical to make vendor agnostic, data-driven, modeling analyses of new storage purchases to select the optimal sizing and configuration while simultaneously minimizing the total cost of ownership of the purchase.
Learn more

Monitoring Migration Process

The purpose of the monitoring migration process is to study the before and after impacts to workloads during hardware refreshes. We will provide ongoing monitoring of the application I/O infrastructure during the migration in order to identify if there are any performance or availability concerns. Also, we will provide a detailed report of the before and after effects of the migration looking at all of the key performance aspects. If there are concerns we will document the concerns along with making recommendations on how to improve the performance or configuration.

Consolidation and Migration Impact Study

In this study IntelliMagic professional services will provide an analysis of your existing storage environment and workloads and make recommendations on consolidating many storage systems into fewer storage systems using IntelliMagic Direction for z/OS.

Would you like to know more about our services?

Contact us if you would like to know more about our professional services. The list above is not complete but gives a good picture of the services we provide.

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