At IntelliMagic, we create intelligent software solutions to manage performance and capacity in order to protect availability. When implemented as a service, IntelliMagic software is run and managed by IntelliMagic experts in a world-class data center. In addition, IntelliMagic experts can review the health and performance of your z/OS or SAN infrastructure and can provide detailed reporting and recommendations on a wide range of topics. Below are some examples of our professional services, but we are offering many more.  

z/OS Disaster Recovery Assessment

Most businesses have a Disaster Recovery Plan that they can execute if a crisis occurs at the primary site (such as replicating all updates to a secondary site and creating gold copies of those updates periodically so that they can recover to a certain point in time.) Budget Tradeoffs determine the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and the Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

However, no matter how good your Disaster Recovery Plan is, your Disaster Recovery Execution determines the outcome.

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CPU Optimization and MLC Reduction 

Workloads in the z/OS environment support business critical processes of major enterprises and must run smoothly at all times. At the same time, the z Systems costs for hardware and software should be as low as possible. Reducing unnecessary CPU consumption can translate into reduced software expense.

In this Tailored Services Engagement, IntelliMagic consultants will work with your site to optimize your CPU consumption and reduce MLC costs.

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z/OS TCP/IP Encryption Compliance Analysis 

The mainframe logs IP traffic encryption data in the form of the z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT) SMF 119 records. But the volume and complexity of this log data make it extremely difficult and time-consuming to accomplish the encryption compliance assurance tasks manually. 

This IntelliMagic service offering, combines IntelliMagic’s software technology with the vast experience of the IntelliMagic experts to advise on the complicated task of encryption security policy compliance. This offers security teams an easy way to quickly understand the exact status of mainframe traffic encryption.

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z/OS Virtual Tape Health Assurance Analysis 

Virtual tape may be considered as a less expensive storage option for mainframe jobs, but it also provides secure and reliable offline storage for “air-gap” data protection from malware, ransomware, internal and external threats, human errors, and natural disasters. 

To protect the organization from these risks, companies invest in a complex and reliable z/OS virtual tape infrastructure. The health of this environment needs to be closely managed to prevent performance and capacity issues, as well as component and network failures. 

IntelliMagic’s tape experts can provide services using proven software technology to assess the health status of the entire Virtual Tape environment, including RPO compliance.  

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Tech Refresh: Storage Acquisition and Competitive Options Study

As storage continues its exponential growth in most enterprises, it is critical to make vendor agnostic, data-driven, modeling analyses of new storage purchases to select the optimal sizing and configuration while simultaneously minimizing the total cost of ownership of the purchase. IntelliMagic professional services will work with you to determine the best configuration required for new storage hardware purchases based on either existing or new workloads. At the conclusion of the analysis, a detailed report containing our findings and recommendations will be provided.

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Other z/OS and SAN infrastructure studies 

IntelliMagic professional services can review the overall health and performance of your z/OS or SAN storage infrastructure. While our focus is on optimization and prevention our services also include emergencservices and disaster recovery In addition to the examples above, we can perform studies on specific topics such as:

  • Tiering
  • XRC copy services
  • HyperPAV
  • Bandwidth sizing
  • Channels
  • Coupling facility
  • Workload management optimization
  • Splunk integration
  • Db2 platform tuning
  • CICS
  • WebSphere
  • Fabric health check

Would you like to know more about our services?

Contact us if you would like to know more about our professional services. Above are some examples of the services we can offer. These are illustrating the vast range services we can provide in both z/OS and SAN areas.

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