Identify and Resolve z/OS Network Security Vulnerabilities

The mainframe is one of the most secure computing platforms in the world – offering best-of-class encryption on top of its blistering performance capabilities. But still you need to manage your network encryption carefully.

In this Tailored Services Engagement, IntelliMagic consultants will work with your site to identify any vulnerable cryptographic keys currently being used within your z/OS TCP/IP communications as well as identifying any unencrypted traffic.



Protect Your Data and Compare Your Security Policies Against Industry Standards

Identify Security Risks and Vulnerabilities

Identify Unprotected Data Traffic and Security Vulnerabilities

How Does It Work?

z/OS Encryption Readiness Technology (zERT) SMF 119 records can reveal what network traffic is not being protected - either at all, or with a recognized protocol. They also capture how the traffic is being protected, who the traffic belongs to, and if follow up is needed. During the analysis, the IntelliMagic consultant will identify all unencrypted traffic leaving your site and what level of cryptographic encryption each traffic connection has.

Remediate Traffic Encryption Issues

Remediate Mainframe Traffic Encryption Issues

How Does It Work?

After identifying the risks and vulnerabilities present in your site (unencrypted connections, disconnect between security policies and practices, etc), they will provide best-practice recommendations and guidance on how to close the vulnerabilities and issues.

Easily Share Data Required for Security Audits

Easily Access and Share Data Required for Security Compliance and Audits

How Does It Work?

The IntelliMagic expert will use IntelliMagic Vision to translate all the more than 600 raw codes that are found in the zERT records into readable text. For instance, to describe the cipher suite, the encryption algorithms, the message authentication types, etc. The IntelliMagic Vision report customization feature will be used to create all the required documentation for audits for any desired time frame.

Evaluate Adherence To Security Policies

Quickly Evaluate Your Data's Adherence to Internal and External Security Policies

How Does It Work?

Security policies and standards require data transmissions to be encrypted with secure ciphers. IntelliMagic has developed intelligent data analysis for the mainframe zERT encryption data. This solution is the basis of a proven methodology for identifying insecure communications within your z/OS IP traffic.

Compare Your Encryption Against Industry Standards

Compare Your Encryption Policies Against Industry Benchmarks and Standards

How Does It Work?

The IntelliMagic expert will compare the current status of your encryption with your policy and industry standards. This will facilitate the collaboration with IT to efficiently remediate identified gaps. You will be able to demonstrate the effective encryption for z/OS TCP/IP to auditors afterwards.

Dedicated Experts to Help You Prioritize and Elevate Your Capabilities

Reduce Encryption Risks

Leverage AI technology and expert consultants to identify and remove security risks present in your mainframe site today.

Enhance Network Security

Utilize unprecedented visibility into your network data to eliminate vulnerabilities and bolster security by implementing industry best practices.

Improve Performance

Reduce bottlenecks and resource consumption and prioritize and balance workloads to optimize overall performance.

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