Translate Application Performance into Business Reporting

Enterprises require insight into the workloads that keep their mainframes busy. They need to understand application behavior, in order to know what applications are providing the most (and least) business value.

In this tailored service engagement, IntelliMagic will work with you to identify, optimize, prioritize, and report on your business-critical applications.



Identify, Optimize, and Prioritize Your Business-Critical Applications

Detect Improper Configuration Settings

Detect Wrong Configuration Settings Causing z/OS or Applications to Perform Inefficiently

How Does It Work?

Several configuration settings on z/OS can affect not only application performance, but application reporting. Workload Manager definitions and settings can be explored as well as other z/OS configuration settings. Making sure that the definitions and settings are defined properly will protect loved applications and will enable easier reporting on applications.

Detect Improper Configuration Settings

Correlate Applications Running on z/OS with Mainframe Resources They Use

How Does It Work?

SMF and RMF reporting provide a rich set of metrics that report on mainframe resources. Those same metrics can also report on application performance, but that reporting is not as widely known. This is where IntelliMagic can help in separating the application performance specific reporting and make it understandable to people that are not as close to z/OS.

Verify Application Priority

Verify That Applications are Prioritized According to Business Needs

How Does It Work?

z/OS uses Workload Manager to manage work according to user defined goals. Workload Manager goals need to be reviewed periodically to make sure they are still set to align with business objectives. Workload Manager can also report on application performance via report classes. All of this can be analyzed by IntelliMagic to ensure accurate prioritization and assist in business reporting.

Reveal Insights into Resource Consumption

Reveal Insights Into The Resource Consumption of Major Workloads

How Does It Work?

A key to proper z/OS management is to assess if applications are beneficial (revenue generating) or detrimental (cost inefficient) to the company. For instance, if an application is transaction based and the transactions are increasing at a faster rate than their cost, that shows business value. IntelliMagic Vision can help show you, at an application level, how resources are being consumed in order to assess application efficiencies.

Avoid Cost or Performance Issues

Avoid Unexpected Cost Increases or Performance Issues That Could Occur After Moving From Test to Production

How Does It Work?

Despite rigorous testing, moving applications from test to production still inherently contains risk, including availability issues, performance degradation, and unplanned costs. IntelliMagic's consultants provide visibility and expertise to help your application move to production goes as planned. We provide baseline metrics, insights into all your infrastructure components from the applications perspective, and detailed before and after reports to ensure risks are avoided.

Dedicated Experts to Help You Prioritize and Elevate Your Capabilities

Prioritize Applications

Leverage insights into resource consumption to ensure your system prioritizes applications according to your business needs.

Enhance Performance

Utilize unprecedented visibility to ensure no performance problems arise before an application is moved to production.

Optimize Costs

Avoid unexpected cost increases due to additional consumption of CPU, storage, or bandwidth, and reduce CPU to lower software costs.

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