Availability Intelligence

You may protect your datacenters against disaster by mirroring your production data, but do you also protect your infrastructure against overload by natural workload growth or slowly developing imbalances?

The availability of your applications is much more likely to be threatened by slowly developing problems inside the infrastructure than by sudden disasters.

What is Availabilty Intelligence?

IT infrastructures have become increasingly complex. They are full of hidden potential bottlenecks. Instead of trying to manage the infrastructure as a 'black box', Availability Intelligence is about interpreting infrastructure measurement data using context-specific embedded expert knowledge. This means that you are warned about potential performance and availability risks before they can impact production.

For instance, your regular workload growth might be threatening to saturate a certain internal component, or there might be an internal imbalance that severely limits your throughput potential. If you don't get informed about these issues, you will suffer from availability incidents that could have been prevented.

Leverage Dacades of Expert Knwoledge

To accurately conclude whether certain parts of the infrastructure are threatened, you need deep knowledge about the architecture of storage systems and infrastructures, and about normal workload behavior. IntelliMagic has decades of expertise embedded in its software in order to go far beyond straight-forward performance reporting.

If you use IntelliMagic solutions to get early warnings about risks that could develop into serious availability issues, your time can be spent on strategic infrastructure management instead of on fighting fires.

IntelliMagic applies its Availability Intelligence to z/OS Storage and Systems and SAN Storage and Fabric.

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