Enterprise IT infrastructure is ever growing in size, cost, and complexity. The processes used to manage the availability of the infrastructure have not matured accordingly. One symptom is the inability to detect performance and configuration issues that endanger infrastructure availability. The infrastructure is often viewed as a “black box” that requires specialized, vendor-specific tools and personnel.


In order to manage the risks caused by the lack of insight, organizations often overspend on hardware. Unfortunately, overspending does not protect applications against painful impacts due to imbalance, configuration errors, and unseen internal bottlenecks. The lack of visibility creates a dependency on hardware vendors for both problem resolution and sizing, and a reactive process for the mission-critical IT infrastructure.

Performance Management

Mature Systems and Storage Performance Management is designed to ensure that applications receive the required service levels from the infrastructure while at the same time making sure that assets are efficiently used.

IntelliMagic’s software suite for z/OS Systems and Storage and for SAN Storage and Fabric contains unique embedded expert knowledge about the infrastructure. This embedded intelligence is used to deliver early warnings of hidden availability risks and faster root cause detection, it identifies optimization opportunities and amplifies the strengths of your IT staff.

mature implementation of Infrastructure and Storage Performance Management processes provides significant financial benefits: it ensures that business applications receive the required service levels and have a continuously available infrastructure, without overspending on hardware and infrastructure.

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