Visual View of the Storage Performance Management Process Steps

Storage Performance Management Process Steps

Managing the performance of enterprise storage and infrastructure consists of four distinct processes that often touch multiple disciplines within an enterprise, such as the performance team, the storage team, the storage architecture/engineering team, and the capacity planning and replication teams.

Having a solution like IntelliMagic’s that incorporates deep intelligence will greatly impact all these areas. It is necessary to look at all four of the processes to achieve all benefits with respect to improved availability as well as financial benefits.

Watch Health Process Step

The foundation is proactive monitoring of the environment with daily, automated visibility into the right metrics. This enables a site to move from reacting to availability issues and performance problems to preventing them.

IntelliMagic Solution

IntelliMagic Vision provides this visibility by performing a deep daily health check of every component in the infrastructure. It correlates the performance measurements of your workloads to the capabilities of the hardware to intelligently analyze whether there are risks and upcoming bottlenecks. Issues are identified before they disrupt production applications. The IntelliMagic Vision dashboard summarizes the assessment by rating each performance metric to show how the various components are performing. Having the right metrics is also essential for successful Find, Buy, and Move processes. IntelliMagic Vision automatically stores the metrics in a historical database so that trend reports on your application workloads can be easily viewed over time and used for predictive modeling scenarios.
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Find Constraint Process Step

Resolution speed and accuracy are essential when a problem occurs on a critical part of the IT infrastructure. The proper functioning of the infrastructure is too important to wait for external analysis or to attempt to resolve problems on the basis of assumptions.

IntelliMagic Solutions

IntelliMagic Vision plays a critical role in gaining the ability to quickly identify and understand the root cause(s) of any constraints, and determine whether workloads can be rebalanced or whether additional hardware is required. The IntelliMagic Vision database allows the performance data to be viewed in every relevant dimension for quick problem isolation. Intelligence is also incorporated into the product to assist in recognizing root causes. IntelliMagic Direction can show the utilization percentage of all internal components of the storage systems, like front-end ports and back-end adapters. The heat maps provided by IntelliMagic Balance will quickly and easily show which incremental moves of data will eliminate hot spots in the storage systems.
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Move Data Process Step

Data placement has a significant effect on the throughput and hence lifespan of the storage infrastructure. IntelliMagic Balance is unique in its ability to create a placement plan that significantly increases the useful lifespan of the storage systems.

IntelliMagic Solutions

Balance is the key to storage hardware efficiency because peaks caused by uneven distribution artificially limit the capabilities. IntelliMagic Balance analyzes every volume's workload for a week's worth of data and calculates a layout such so that the key hardware resources, such as the back-end array groups, are all doing as close to the same amount of work as possible. The resulting data migration plan can be used with your existing migration tools when moving to new hardware. A migration plan can also be generated for moving to larger volume sizes without incurring the risk of creating new hot spots. The ‘best moves' feature of IntelliMagic Balance is the easiest way for sites to address hot spots in their existing hardware configurations and increase the overall throughput capacity of the hardware by moving only a small set of volumes within the existing hardware.
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Buy Hardware Process Step

Buy Hardware Process Step

If the existing hardware is no longer sufficient for the required workload, the IntelliMagic suite provides the knowledge to optimally select and configure a hardware upgrade or replacement.

IntelliMagic Solutions

IntelliMagic Direction can be used to model a complete storage system configuration from all enterprise storage vendors. It predicts the response times and utilization levels of all components within the storage system. By showing the benefits of different hardware options you can select the most cost-effective configuration that meets your workload performance requirements.
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