Manage Dell EMC Storage Performance

IntelliMagic Vision uncovers hidden risks and potential bottlenecks inside your environment before they can impact production.

See how easy it is to identify, prevent, and resolve performance and health issues in your Dell EMC VNX environment.

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Comprehensive Monitoring for EMC Storage

IntelliMagic Vision analyzes and rates EMC VNX performance metrics and configuration data to detect hidden risks and potential bottlenecks and by highlighting configuration errors and imbalance.

The results are shown in interactive and customizable dashboards that condense thousands of metrics into an easy-to-read rated visualization. Every single underlying metric is also available for detailed root cause analysis through click-through custom navigation as well as pre-defined report sets.

Screenshot of SAN EMC VNX Utilization of front-end host adapter

Screenshot of a port utilization VNX Dashboard from the IntelliMagic Vision Web Reporter showing the percentage of the negotiated speed that is utilized.


Vendor-Neutral IT Infrastructure Monitoring

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN shows the entire storage environment in a single pane of glass, regardless of whether the datacenter contains only EMC VNX or VMAX arrays, or a combination of storage platforms from different vendors.

The underlying data is presented in platform-specific report sets for the VNX family that show all the data specific to VNX arrays and terminology.

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Technical Information on IntelliMagic Vision for SAN

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About Dell EMC VNX Family

The EMC VNX Series is efficient, scalable and simple to use. Windows, Linux and UNIX customers can share files while latency-sensitive block applications enjoy the power blend of disk capacity, flash storage and application-aware software that allows for easy consolidation of workloads and the unpredictable demands of mid-tier to enterprise environments.