HPE 3PAR Performance Management

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage Arrays offer All-Flash and Hybrid block storage for your enterprise data center.

Even with blazing fast Flash back-ends, performance management for your block storage arrays is as necessary as before. Don’t run your storage blindfolded and only find out you are driving into a brick wall after it happened. IntelliMagic Vision pro-actively detects issues as well as potential bottlenecks developing inside the HPE 3PAR storage arrays that could cause delays in application performance and hurt your business if left undetected. Instead of wasting time on fire-fighting incidents, this resolves issues before they impact production and service levels.

Tip! Read this white paper: Achieving Balance in HPE 3PAR Environments.

– This white paper will explain some of the issues you may encounter in a HPE 3PAR environment and the most effective way to avoid them.

Uncover Hidden Risks

IntelliMagic Vision analyzes measurement data to detect hidden risks and potential bottlenecks inside the environment and shows them in intelligent dashboards that condenses thousands of metrics into an easy-to-read rated visualization. Every single underlying metric is also available for detailed root cause analysis through click-through custom navigation as well as pre-defined report sets. IntelliMagic Vision analyzes the entire SAN storage environment, including the Cisco and Brocade SAN switches, and shows it in one single pane of glass, regardless of whether the data center contains only HPE 3PAR arrays or a combination of storage platforms from different vendors. The data is interpreted by the software using embedded expert knowledge about the 3PAR architecture, behavior and performance expectations.

Screenshot of SAN HPE 3PAR Disk Storage System Dashboard
Screenshot of one of the 3PAR Dashboards from the IntelliMagic Vision Web Reporter, showing front-end performance issues that can be further analyzed.

Customer Experiences from 3PAR environments

Medavie Blue Cross uses IntelliMagic Vision to help maintain a reliable infrastructure in their two data centers comprising over 1 PB of HPE 3PAR Storage and Brocade Fibre Channel SAN switches.

The beauty of the product is that it provides useful reports for both management and technical teams out of the box.

– Emile Brideau, Storage and Computing Team Lead

Read more about how IntelliMagic Vision benefits Medavie Blue Cross

Sample IntelliMagic Vision use case for a HPE 3PAR issue

This excellent 4-minute video shows just one of the many use cases of how IntelliMagic Vision can be used to resolve issues quickly.

Technical Information on IntelliMagic Vision for SAN

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