Benefits of easy visibility into Db2 accounting data

Db2 produces extensive SMF metrics that can provide great insights into Db2 operation and performance. Db2 Accounting (SMF 101) data provides transaction-level metrics at many levels of detail. See how the capabilities of IntelliMagic Vision for Db2 enable you to:

  • Examine the differing profiles of work generated by the various callers of Db2 services (“connection type”), including CPU and SQL activity, suspend events, and elapsed time profiles
  • Explore the visibility provided by “correlation ID” into the specific drivers of Db2 activity (e.g., by CICS transaction, batch job, etc.)
  • Focus analysis of DDF work by “authorization ID” to help manage what is often a challenging workload
  • Drill into metrics at the plan and package levels to identify how applications are performing and consuming resources

Sites often encounter significant challenges deriving value from their massive volumes of Db2 Accounting data. Check out the video resources below to see first-hand how dynamic navigation and context-sensitive drilldowns can provide entirely new levels of visibility and enable you to focus quickly on the precise subset of data you want to analyze. For more information and resources on Db2 Statistics data click here.

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