Benefits of easy visibility into Db2 statistics data

Db2 generates SMF metrics that can provide great insights into how your Db2 environment is operating. Db2 Statistics (SMF 100) data provides metrics at the member and buffer pool levels. See how the capabilities of IntelliMagic Vision for Db2 can enable you to:

  • Leverage automated assessments of key metrics to proactively direct your attention to potential risks to availability and performance
  • Explore the extensive buffer pool metrics provided by Db2 and leverage them to inform buffer pool tuning activities
  • Better manage your operation through intuitive visibility into the many other types of metrics provided in the Statistics data, including getpages, logging, locking, prefetch requests by type, and SQL statement counts by type
  • Derive important Db2 operational insights from integration with other types of data, including dataset performance (SMF 42) data with Db2 IFCID 199 dataset I/O statistics at the buffer pool and database levels

Check out the resources below to see first-hand how you can more effectively leverage your Db2 Statistics data to enhance Db2 operation and performance. For more information and resources on Db2 Accounting data click here.

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