End Availability Issues to Your Enterprise Data Storage

You invested in your enterprise data storage systems because of their high-end performance and data integrity capabilities. In fact, reliably fast data access for your organization is like blood is to the body. If the data stops flowing, the rest of the it infrastructure doesn’t really matter.

Disruptions to availability are a big deal. The average cost of an unplanned outage is now $690,000 per incident according to a recent study. Yet, despite enterprise class features in your high-end storage systems, application, unavailability conditions still occur due to storage problems.

From Unavoidable Disruptions to Preventable

These outages can be classified as either predictable or unpredictable. Today you probably think of most storage incidents that disrupt application availability as unpredictable. Why is this? If it could have been predicted, you would have indeed avoided it. Right? And if you could not see it and avoid it, then it’s normal to think of it as unpredictable.

But what if many of these currently unpredictable incidents could be moved to the predictable and avoidable category? How would that impact the applications that your customers and employees use? How would it affect the focus of your it staff and how would it reduce emergency storage hardware purchases?

How can you effect this shift? Your enterprise storage arrays and fabric switches generate detailed performance and configuration data. Yet despite the mission critical role that storage plays and despite this rich source of performance data, the internal storage components are still the least visible and monitored parts in the entire it infrastructure. Virtualization only makes it more difficult to understand which physical resources are handling which virtualized IO workload.

Availability Intelligence and Embedded Expert Domain Knowledge

Analytics and reporting solutions are not enough. They can spot correlations or anomalies in the data, but they don’t know when critical components are approaching their saturation points. Only one key can unlock the potential in the storage performance and configuration data to show approaching problems.

That key is expert domain knowledge. Automatic interpretation of the data. Using built-in expert knowledge is the only way to transform the data into intelligence about risk to availability.

Where are the bottlenecks developing? When are individual components likely to introduce unacceptable delays? What can you do to avoid an outage?

This availability intelligence gives insight that is sooner than real time because you see upcoming problems long before your real time monitors can even detect high response to. And for incidents that are truly the result of unpredictable events. This intelligence dramatically reduces the meantime to resolution.

Monitor and Manage Your Entire SAN Infrastructure

IntelliMagic is uniquely positioned to transform the data into this kind of intelligence. Because of the type of expert knowledge we build into our software, we’ve amassed this expert knowledge through more than 20 years of being the world’s only provider of storage performance modeling software.

You can install our IntelliMagic Vision software onsite, but this problem of how to generate valuable intelligence out of the data is that lends itself very well to the software as a service model and as little as 30 minutes after starting to send your data to our services platform, you can start receiving valuable intelligence about specific threats to availability in your storage infrastructure.

This services option also gives you access to deep experts to consult with you about risks and remediation strategies. No long-term expensive contract is required. The availability intelligence created by IntelliMagic Vision enables you to avoid outages and solve problems faster. For more information, please contact us or see for yourself by starting a trial. 

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