Disk Magic, the storage performance modeling software made by IntelliMagic and used by IBM and IBM business partners worldwide, is the defacto way to accurately predict storage performance.

IntelliMagic Vision for SAN Storage and SAN Fabric builds on the knowledge gained through developing Disk Magic for over 20 years. IntelliMagic Vision enables you to see bottlenecks approaching and proactively avoid impacts to your production applications.

In only minutes per day, the most critical areas to address can be identified in even large and complex storage environments. Root causes can be quickly identified and rebalancing solutions examined.

The IntelliMagic Vision software is quick to install and can be used on premise or via software as a service. Deep visibility into IBM storage arrays and SVC virtualization, as well as non-IBM storage such as EMC, HP 3PAR, and HDS is supported.

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